General FAQ

When can I book tickets and packages for Verknipt Croatia?

Tickets and packages are on sale. Book HERE.

Is there a minimum age to enter Verknipt Croatia?

All Verknipt events are 18+. Make sure to bring your ID.

On which days will Verknipt Croatia take place?

Verknipt Croatia will take place from June 30th til July 4th.

At which location will Verknipt Croatia take place?

Verknipt Croatia will take place at multiple locations like, open air beach clubs, boat raves, pool parties! All of the parties will take place around Zrce beach.

Is it possible to pay in installments?

Yes it is possible to pay in installments for both the holiday packages and the individual tickets. KEEP IN MIND: you are obligated to finish paying your installments!
For individual tickets the rules of Klarna are applicable for paying the package in full.


Which payment methods are accepted for the ticketing/packaging part?

Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, iDeal, Sofort. It is also possible to pay in installments, but KEEP IN MIND: you are obligated to finish paying your installments!
For individual tickets the rules of Klarna are applicable for paying the package in full.

What is a group ticket?

Group tickets are 4 individual tickets that you can buy in a bundle with a 3+1 discount. You do not need to enter together, the tickets are individual 5 day entrance tickets to Verknipt Croatia wit access to all 5 days of club events and pool parties of the festival, but not the boat raves.

What is included in the holiday packages?

The accommodation of your choice (hotel, villa, apartment house, beach house), 5-day pass for Verknipt Croatia including entrance to all 5 days of club events and pool parties of the festival, but not the boat raves.

All accommodations come with a private bathroom, free wi-fi, flat-screen tv, air conditioning and some accommodations come with extras like breakfast or a private pool. Please check out the options HERE.

What accommodation options are offered in the holiday packages?

Apartments, Glamping beach houses, Hotels, Villas

Can I buy a day ticket?

Verknipt Croatia is a 5-day-long experience therefore we do NOT sell separate day tickets. All of our tickets are 5 day passes. Visitors can choose between getting Standard or Premium Tickets to Verknipt Croatia excluding or including accommodation.

Do I need a separate ticket for each party?

No, your festival ticket access to all 5 days of club events and pool parties of the festival, but not the boat raves. For these you can purchase tickets separately for the day of your choice.

Is there a possibility to change or add to my booking later on?

It’s possible to upgrade to an accommodation after buying a festival ticket. It is also possible to add Boat Party tickets and Airport Transfers at the later stage

What are the cancellation policies?

All tickets are non-refundable, so it is not possible to cancel your tickets, but you can safely resell them via our official second hand ticket partner, TicketSwap. Go to and sell your ticket to another visitor!
KEEP IN MIND: if you paid in installments, it is only possible to resell if you paid your package in full.

Do I have to print out my booking?

No, it is allowed to show the booking confirmation email on your phone. Make sure to put the brightness of your phone on 100%.

What are ‘sealed tickets’ and why can’t I download my festival tickets?

Recently Verknipt switched to a new kind of tickets: sealed tickets. These tickets can only be viewed and downloaded shortly before the event. When it’s time to download your tickets, you will get a notification by email from Eventix (our ticket provider). If you’ve purchased tickets for a group of people, you’ll be able to assign the tickets or send them to your friends once they are available for download.

Why does Verknipt have ‘sealed tickets’?

Verknipt uses these sealed tickets because the ticket sale will be fairer. By using these tickets, it makes it impossible for scammers to resell their tickets through unofficial third parties/secondary markets. Tickets can only be sold through our verified partner ‘TicketSwap’ by Secure Swap. Through Secure Swap they exchange the ticket for a brand new one, so the buyer has a 100% chance to get into the event with the ticket. Also, it is not possible for sellers to ask more than 120% of the price through TicketSwap, so the ticket will always be sold for a fair price.

Is it possible to resell my ‘sealed tickets’?

If you decide to sell your ticket, it is only possible to do so through our verified partner ‘TicketSwap‘. You need your confirmation email to view your order. At the bottom of your order you will find a blue button, click the button to resell the tickets on TicketSwap. Only this way you can resell your tickets. Can’t find your confirmation mail with your order? You can find your ticket through this link: Still can’t find your ticket? Please contact:

Keep in mind that the maximum asking price for a resold ticket is 120% of the original ticket price and that selling your ticket(s) to a new visitor always happens through Secure Swap. After selling, you can no longer use the ticket as it will be declared invalid.

I’m having trouble reselling my ticket.

If you’re having trouble offering your ticket on TicketSwap, you can follow the steps in this link! Can’t find your confirmation mail with your order? You can find your ticket through this link: Still can’t find your ticket? Please contact:

Still having trouble? Please contact TicketSwap via, they can help you with reselling the ticket.

I can’t find my ticket?

No worries! You can find your normal festival ticket through this link: Still can’t find your ticket? Please contact:
If you bought your ticket in Holiday Package and can’t find it, please write to

What happens if the event cannot take place?

If the event can’t take place due unforeseen consequences, you can request a refund. In that case further instructions will be given through email.


How can I get to Verknipt Croatia?

We have a dedicated page where you can check the different ways to reach Zrce Beach by place, car and ferry. Please check this info HERE

Do you offer transfers?

We have a dedicated page where you can check the different transfers we offer to reach Zrce Beach. Please check this info >HERE

Can I take a taxi/uber/public bus?

Taxi / Uber: Like with other major airports around the world, Taxi and Uber drivers often charge a premium for airport transfers. For a bigger group this can cost €100+ in some cases and pre-booked transfers may not wait for you if your flight is extremely delayed.

Public buses: Public transport is available but does not offer a direct routing to Novalja. You will first need to stop in a major city (Split, Zagreb, Zadar) then take another direct bus to Novalja. Tickets must be purchased ahead of time for an allocated time slot, which can be a disadvantage in case your flight is delayed. Please be aware during the summer season bus tickets sell out and buses are often crowded, as well as unpredictable changes due to high traffic. Buses do not run before 8:00 or after 20:00, please take this into consideration when planning your travel.

Can I park at the accommodations?

Most accommodations offer private parking.

How do I get to the festival from my accommodation?

There are multiple options available like taxi, Uber, local bus, rentals like scooter etc.


When will the lineup be announced?

You can check the full line-up and the daily program schedule HERE.

Is it possible to re-enter the festival?

Yes it is possible. Passouts are permitted and your wristband will grant you access to go in and out of the clubs where Verknipt is hosting events. This includes the pool parties.

Can I bring sunscreen to the festival?

It is allowed to bring NEW sunscreen to the festival. Spray bottles are not allowed!

Are there lockers available at the different festival locations?

There are no lockers available in the clubs.

Can I bring my photo or film camera to the festival?

It depends on the camera. Professional gear (or other gear that is used for commercial purposes) is not allowed unless communicated beforehand and with the organization’s approval.

Is there a smoking area?

All the events are outdoor, so you can smoke wherever you want, as smoking is allowed in outdoor areas in Croatia and the clubs are not specifically prohibiting smoking

Are there cigarettes and/or vapes available for purchase at location?

There are both cigarettes and vapes available for buying in the clubs and on the beach.

Can I buy hearing protection at the festival?

Yes! There will be hearing protection available at the merchandise stand.

Can I bring my medication to the festival?

With an official doctor’s note it is permitted to bring your medication to the festival.

Which items are forbidden to take with me?

Hard & soft drugs, laughing gas, (alcoholic) beverages, glassware, (plastic) bottles and/or caps/lids, (foldable) water sacks, cans, flags, sticks, umbrellas, grinders, walking sticks (medical crutches and devices excepted), animals, banners, stickers, balaclavas, (partially) face-covering masks, loose metal chains (incorporated into clothing or accessories is allowed), objects with discriminatory and/or provocative texts and/or expressions, polarizing or group-specific clothing with unwanted expressions on clothing (including football shirts, motorcycle clubs, etc.), sports club clothing, weapons or objects that could be used as weapons, objects that could negatively affect the safety, health or well-being of visitors, aerosols, sprays, atomizers, fireworks, flares and transport vehicles.

Does Verknipt Croatia have a zero tolerance drugs policy?

Verknipt maintains a zero tolerance policy on drugs and in Croatia all types of drugs are prohibited. It is forbidden to use, trade or possess any drugs at the event. When the organization spots or confirms any infringements, the offender can be handed over to the police. When the delinquent is being caught he/she will be transferred over to the police. In Croatia before entering the event there won’t be any drug deposit bins to throw away drugs without consequences.

Where do the boat parties depart and return to?

We’ll release more information about the boat parties close to the event.

What happens if I miss the boat departure time?

If you miss the departure of the boat, unfortunately there is no way to access the party. The boats have strict departure times, so it’s always advised to the there early

If I miss the boat departure can I refund my ticket?

Unfortunately not. There are no refunds for missing the boat. If you have missed the boat due to an emergency, please contact our staff and we will assess case by case.

What should I bring on the boat?

Sunscreen, swimming clothes, a hat, towel, sunglasses, shoes or flip flops. Backpacks are allowed on board but there are no lockers so please keep that in mind

Is the location accessible for wheelchairs?

All the clubs have access for wheelchairs, some only in the VIP sections, some both on the main dance floor and the VIP.

Will there be an availability of food & drinks at locations available?

There are different options available at the beach, but not in the clubs – Think like sushi, kebabs, burgers, pasta, asian, pizza, different sorts of street food.

Is there a supermarket available at the location?

There are no supermarkets available on the beach, but there are many in the city of Novalja.

What will the opening hours be per day?

Please ask for the program in the office, all the times for each party are defined.

Which payment methods are accepted at the venue: Is it an all cash event or pin only etc? Or tokens?

There is no token model of payment available on the location. The available payment methods are: Visa, Mastercard, Maestro and cash.

I have other questions

Send an e-mail to and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Will there be merchandise available?

Yes! We’ll bring our Verknipt merch to Croatia! We’re bringing our NEW high quality hoodies & caps, and also our regular collection: t-shirt, socks, fanny pack, hand fan, tote bag & lip balm. Make sure you stop by our merchandise stand.


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