Verknipt Croatia | Holiday Festival is nestled along Zrce Beach on Pag Island in Croatia. A location where beach holiday meets non-stop raving.
This iconic coastal city provides sunny skies & crystal clear water with a buzzing nightlife. All of this with some Verknipt madness creates the ultimate place for this new holiday festival!
For 5 days, our visitors will be surrounded with the best hard techno artists on the scenic Zrce Beach, at the pools or on one of the daily boat raves.

Need more information before visiting Croatia?
Check our list of recommendations below for amazing beaches, must-see places and incredible restaurants for local cuisine.

  • Clubs


This special venue is the first club to be built on Zrce Beach – and the first beach club in all Croatia. With its long history, Kalypso Club was the place where it all started and this summer it will give home to the Verknipt Croatia| Holiday Festival. Providing a huge open-air dance floor, different levels, premium decks and many bars, this club will be one of the home bases of our Verknipt holiday ravers.

Noa Beach Club

A venue that claimed its reputation as not only one of the best clubs on Zrce Beach, but on the whole Adriatic coastline. This massive venue is surrounded completely by the sea, creating our visitors their own Verknipt island. Leading to land with only a wooden bridge, this location is the most mind-blowing place you will ever rave at. From daily pool parties, to unforgettable night events – this place does it all – and it does it WELL.
Noa Beach Club was chosen the 28th best club in the world by DJ Mag, so rest assured that it offers the perfect setting for some signature Verknipt madness.

Pag – the island giving home to Zrce Beach – is one of the biggest Croatian islands with one of the longest coastlines, making it easily accessible from the mainland by car, ferry or by airplane.


The nearest airports to Zrce Beach are Zadar Airport (ZAD) and Split Airport (SPU). From there we offer shuttle services to Novalja (the town closest to Zrce Beach). For more info please check our travel page here


From the city of Zadar, Pag Island is just an easy 30-minute drive away. The southern side of the island is connected to the Croatian mainland by the iconic 300-meter-long Pag Bridge. From there Novalja (the town closest to Zrce Beach) is just another 30-minute long drive.


With the The Jadrolinija Prizna-Žigljen ferry it only takes 15 minutes to get to the northern part of Pag Island. The ferry also takes vehicles on board – this is especially useful if you are driving from the northern part of Croatia, or neighboring countries such Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Hungary, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Switzerland and Italy.

Ferry tickets for passengers and vehicles can be purchased in person, on the day of travel from the kiosk near the embarkation point.


Car headlights must be switched on during the day and night
There are tolls in Croatia for certain highways whilst driving to Pag Island, depending on the direction of travel
Some coastal roads are winding, so exercise caution when driving as it is common for drivers to overtake on the wrong side of the road on one lane roads
Keep travel sickness tablets on hand if you have difficulty with winding roads
Speed limits: 50 km/h in towns, 90 km/h on highways and 130 km/h on express highways
Dial +385 19 87 for emergency road assistance


Areas such as Novalja and Stara Novalja are conveniently connected to the Zrce Beach party zone and perfectly reachable by local buses, which take a frequent route every few minutes.


If you have your own car, and prefer to drive to and from Zrce Beach, there is enough parking right outside the clubs. Parking rate is charged per hour or a full day rate via Zrce Beach parking attendants.
Street parking is limited in Novalja city center. If you wish to go for lunch or dinner, research the closest places to park. Street parking is usually metred around the city center, so keep an eye out for parking meters and local rates.


Uber is available in Novalja and is a good and safe option if you are not within walking distance to shops, restaurants and beaches. Uber has their own local rates which are often cheaper than taxi rates, check the Uber app for updated prices.


Taxis are readily available around Novalja and Zrce Beach. They are a good and safe option. Always ask the driver the cost of your trip, and state if you wish to pay by card at the beginning of your trip. In party and tourist spots around the world, taxi drivers have been known to inflate prices – it can be a possibility in Croatia as well.


Scooter rentals are available at many locations around Novalja if you have a driver’s license. It can be an easy solution for 1-2 people traveling to and from Zrce Beach, or for short trips around Novalja (think: going the the beach, collecting groceries, going for dinner)
There are many companies to choose from, but as a rule of thumb – choose a reputable one with good reviews, check over your scooter and helmet before driving away. If you have issues, you can call the company and they will come to assist you.
Just like with a car – driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is a punishable offense in Croatia so be sure not to operate a scooter or motorbike in that circumstance and always wear a helmet.


Croatia is a very safe country, including night times. Of course it’s always important to exercise caution when walking around in any foreign place, especially alone. However, if your accommodation is within walking distance to restaurants, bars and shops – walking is always the best choice!

Novalja – the town closest to Zrce Beach – has a wide range of local shops, boutiques, supermarkets and hand crafted stores around the city center that open early and close late.
For larger grocery shopping where you can find a range of local and imported goods, fresh produce, meat and fish, personal care items, and alcohol we recommend :

  • Plodine (also has a pharmacy attached) – Ul. Silvija Strahimira Kranjčevića 4, Novalja
  • Hiper Novalis – Čiponjac III 2, Novalja
  • Konzum – Šetalište hrvatskih mornara bb, Novalja (city centre), Čiponjac I Br.2, Novalja (larger supermarket)
  • Tommi Maximarket – Lokunje 3, Novalja

Croatia and within the country, the island of Pag, is well known for its diverse range of local restaurants, fresh ingredients, amazing flavors & buzzing nightlife with bars and clubs. The Mediterranean diet is the most common way of eating, so there will always be a dish to suit everyone – local vegetables, fresh caught seafood, high quality meats, vegan and vegetarian dishes, but we can’t forget the pizza, burgers, and late night doner kebabs too!

The Croatian specialty ‘Cevapi’ is a crowd favorite, and can be found in any local supermarket – cook it up in the kitchen or on the BBQ and just like the locals – pair it with some sour cream (vrhnje) and Ajvar (roasted red paprika spread)!

Check out our list of restaurant & bar recommendations here:

  • Boskinac (Award winning gastronomy restaurant)
  • Pupi Novalja (New waterfront restaurant, great steaks)
  • Starac i More (Waterfront restaurant, amazing seafood)
  • Momento Grill Pizza House (Good service and food, nice view)
  • Joel Restaurant & Bar (Good food and service)
  • Restaurant Bazilika (Nice seafood dishes, good cocktails, nice ambience)
  • Backstage Zrce (Great location at the beach, good cocktails and friendly staff)
  • Mojito Bar (Amazing fast food, nice view and good service)
  • Burra Beach House Zrce (An eye–pleasing ambiance with a wide range of nice drinks, cocktails, and food)

Croatia is known for its unbeatable summers!
You can expect warm, sunny days with clear blue skies with a temperature of mid-20°C to mid-30°C. Perfect for getting your tan, or swimming in the crystal-clear waters of the Adriatic coast between the crazy events of Verknipt Croatia. The summer sea is usually calm and comfortably warm, creating the ideal setting for swimming or engaging in water sports.

As with any coastal destination, you should always be prepared for the elements – some wind and rain happens once in a while, but doesn’t last long. Nothing a sweater and an umbrella can’t handle.

If you want to explore all the beauty Pag and Novalja have to offer – there’s no better way than to check out these stunning beaches.

ZRCE BEACH: Party location, clubs, close to diverse option of food and drinks

GAJAC BEACH: Less crowded, relaxed atmosphere, restaurants and bars close by

BABE BEACH: Close to city center, close to food and drinks

CASKA BEACH: Local favorite, sandy beach

CISTA BEACH: Private beach, Beautiful views, daybed rental, car or scooter required to access this beach

SIMUNI BEACH: Clear water, relaxed atmosphere, restaurants and cafes, car required to get to this beach, it’s on the central part of Pag Island (approximately 20 minutes drive from Novalja)